OverSoul and Neurodriver – TRANSFORM EP Now available on BandCamp!

This month sees the release of a very special EP from two producers who have been central to Broken Robot from day 1. The first is Oversoul – aka Adam Goodlet: the man responsible for much of Broken Robot’s mastering, and formerly known as Re:creation, Peak, and Arcturian Soul. The Second is label boss Neurodriver.

The title track Transform is an epic collaboration between the two. Lying somewhere between psychedelic progressive house and techno, it’s a slow builder with a climactic peak which has been sending crowds into a frenzy every time it’s played.

This is backed up by two productions from Oversoul: the relentlessly heavy Techno Rhino, and his completely bonkers electro-tech rework of Neurodriver’s Church of the Plasma Christ.

OverSoul and Neurodriver - Transform EP

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