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New Services and Price List

We’ve revised our products, services and prices recently.

The new services include:

A Full critique of your music, broken down into production, mix down, and arrangement.

30 Minute Skype Support Sessions – Ask any question about production, studio setup, hardware, software and monitors and receive up to 30 minutes of expert advice.

Studio Consultancy – Expert Adam Goodlet will come to your studio to help you make the most of your speakers, hardware and software.

Full Price List:

price list


Hedflux – Revolve – Peak Remix Released

Today is a great day for psychedelic music!

The first instalment of Hedflux Remixes is out today, including a super fat and up to date remix of Revolve by Peak.

This release was mastered by Adam @ Really Good Mastering – Re:Creation Studio 🙂

Hedflux Remixed Part 1
Hedflux Remixed Part 1

Here is the track list:




The first of a series of Hedflux remix EP’s on Luminus Music, this features five outstanding tunes mixing up breaks, electro and techno grooves, all with a captivating psychedelic aesthetic and full-power dance-floor energy.



released 26 November 2014

Luminus Logo Design & Artwork by Christopher Dowding
Mastering by Adam Goodlet (Really Good Mastering @ Re:Creation Studio)
Rhythm Prism mastered by Colin Bennun (Stooodio Mastering)
Original tracks produced by Steve Young