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New Re:Creation Album – Break the Matrix

We’re totally stoked to announce the new Re:Creation album – Break the Matrix. It’s been 7 years since the last full Re:Creation album, and this is a dance floor destroyer!!

A hard hitting journey through dance floor smashing psytrance with grooving breakbeats, insane leads and massive production. 144 – 180BPM.

This album has been finely crafted in the Re:Creation Studio spaceship using cutting edge production techniques – From 432Hz tuning to innovative synthesis, Adam pushes the boundaries of Psytrance with his unique style – Blurring the line between breakbeats and 4/4 with mesmerising results.

Available exclusively on the Psychoactive Records Store.

Re:Creation PsyTrance Template for Logic Pro X Now Available

recreation-psytrance-template-graphic-scSuper excited to announce the new Re:Creation PsyTrance Template for Logic Pro X. 32 Channels of sounds, super intuitive Smart Controls on every channel that accelerate the workflow (works with Touch Bar), Variety of Synths and sound effects, Compatible with the Logic Remote iPad App – Full video tutorial, demo track and template project included.

Available NOW from the Re:Creation Studio store for £25 –

The template works with Logic 10.2.4 and later.

Re:Creation Psytrance Demo Track Screenhot



Hedflux Album now available on BandCamp – Proudly mastered here at Re:Creation Studio!

The fantastic new psychedelic masterpiece from Hedflux is now available on BandCamp – Link below
Soul Science
Released September 27, 2016
All tracks composed and produced by Steve Young
Mastered by Adam Goodlet @ Re:creation Studio
Artwork by Hakan Hisim
And huge thanks to the fans who donated in the GoFundMe campaign <3

DJ’ing in Ableton Live Course now available on!

Ableton Live DJ’s Guide

By Adam Goodlet

Ableton Live is not just a hugely popular and powerful DAW, but also a highly effective and intuitive live performance environment for DJs. Whether you’re an experienced producer, a new Ableton user or an old school DJ looking for a powerful new creative tool, this extremely detailed course from Adam Goodlet, founder and owner of Re:Creation Studio, will fully equip you to step up in front of an audience with Live at your fingertips.


OverSoul and Neurodriver – TRANSFORM EP Now available on BandCamp!

This month sees the release of a very special EP from two producers who have been central to Broken Robot from day 1. The first is Oversoul – aka Adam Goodlet: the man responsible for much of Broken Robot’s mastering, and formerly known as Re:creation, Peak, and Arcturian Soul. The Second is label boss Neurodriver.

The title track Transform is an epic collaboration between the two. Lying somewhere between psychedelic progressive house and techno, it’s a slow builder with a climactic peak which has been sending crowds into a frenzy every time it’s played.

This is backed up by two productions from Oversoul: the relentlessly heavy Techno Rhino, and his completely bonkers electro-tech rework of Neurodriver’s Church of the Plasma Christ.

OverSoul and Neurodriver - Transform EP