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OverSoul Project Album release date announced

We are really excited to announce that the next instalment from OverSoul Project –

‘9 Realms’

will be released Feb 18th 2015.

This is a 10 track full artist album, with tracks from all 3 projects – Arcturian Soul, Peak and Re:Creation.

A heart expanding journey, blurring the boundaries between genres, will take you on a cosmic trip from 101.25 BPM all the way to 168.75 BPM – sweeping through almost all emotional states in the fractal geometry of consciousness, this piece of audio has been built with absolute love and dedication to uplifting the listeners consciousness.

This album will be available exclusively through the Re:Creation Studio website!

Previews coming soon to soundcloud 🙂

OverSoul Project 9 Realms