Re:Creation Studio is a cutting edge digital audio and video production powerhouse.

Offering world class tuition, production, mastering and more. A super friendly environment to take your creativity to the next level.

Owned and run by Adam Goodlet. Adam has been creating music for 16 years, driven by a passion for pushing technology to it’s limits.

Adam has had a huge amount of professional experience in many genres of electronic music, producing world class tracks that have gathered global recognition and respect.  (aliases include: OverSoul, Re:Creation, Peak, Arcturian Soul, Ephexis and more)

The studio has been in a constant state of upgrade and evolution for 10 years. Adam has tirelessly worked to create an environment that whilst being massively powerful, is exceptionally comfortable to work in.

Adam has been mastering audio for almost as long as he has been working with it. With over a decades worth of mastering under his belt, he provides an amazingly high quality service at exceptional rates.

Situated on the outskirts of Southampton, UK, Re:Creation Studio is an acoustically treated digital creation spaceship, designed to be ergonomic, relaxed and ultimately creative.

We run Logic Pro X, Ableton Live 9 Suite, Final Cut Pro X and Adobe Creative Suite (+many industry standard plug ins and effects)

With the very latest computer hardware, software, effects, synths and cameras; any type of music or video can be created with confidence. And with cutting edge mastering grade speaker setup, you know that your creation will translate powerfully to the outside world.

For more information, please contact Adam;


Adam Goodlet