Nine Realms Album USB Stick

This awesome limited edition, laser engraved wooden USB stick + wooden box version of Nine Realms comes with full 16-Bit WAV versions of all the tracks, along with WAV and 320Kbps MP3 versions of ALL previous OverSoul Project Releases, 2 High Definition videos of Re:Creation tracks AND many extra tracks (some of which have never been released to the public) and a bunch of artwork.

**The album will be available for you to download instantly upon order!!!**

OverSoul Project – Nine Realms

Featuring music from Arcturian Soul, Peak and Re:Creation.

Nine Realms Limited USB 2Nine Realms Limited USB 39-Realms-1-4-x-4-2Nine Realms Limited USB 4Nine Realms Limited USB 5Nine Realms Limited USB 6

Nine Realms is a 10 track hyper-dimensional experience that will shift you upwards form ambient, to tech funk, to full on psytrance, to hi tech. Beautiful explosions of colourful melody perfectly balanced with slamming beats, intergalactic edits, sweeping orchestral scores and synths from outer space. Super high quality production will make it sound as though psychedelic reality is tearing through your speakers and coming straight for your pineal gland, connecting your brain directly to Source.

This is a heart and mind expanding journey, blurring the boundaries between genres. It will take you on a cosmic trip from 101.25 BPM all the way to 168.75 BPM. Sweeping through almost all emotional states in the fractal geometry of consciousness, this piece of audio has been built with absolute love and dedication to uplifting the vibration of the listener.


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