Smart Master – Mastering Template for Logic Pro X


The Smart Master Template for Logic Pro X is a super powerful, yet simple to use mastering solution for Logic Pro X.

Import your completed track into the mastering template, and create a loud, dynamic and rich master in minutes.

The process is split into 4 main areas – Input (Headroom and Width) – Shape and Tone – Magic and Global Bypass – Output.

The template uses cutting edge Mid/Side processing, as well as conventional stereo tools, all of which are beautifully crafted and combined to be controlled with just 10 knobs.

As the process uses the Logic Smart Controls, it is instantly compatible with the Logic Remote iPad app, giving direct physical control to all of the parameters in the mastering process.

The package includes the Smart Master Logic Pro X Template, tutorial videos on how to use the mastering processor, and a pre-master audio track from Re:Creation so you can follow the tutorial with ease.

Coming Soon